From involvement to adoption During development stages we always confer directly and upfront with all stakeholders, especially the end-users. This enables optimization of processes during their automation. And through the broad involvement that this approach evokes, solutions arise that are truly embraced and supported within all layers of the organisation.

Developed using the Agile method Right from the start of the development process we encourage users to track the progress and give feedback. By letting them continually inspect the most recent extensions, they gradually get very well familiarized with the new software and more involved towards a successfull outcome of the project. It also becomes as it were their creation which learns that the final implementation will run smoother and the end result is widely accepted.

(Open) Standards We use techniques and components that adhere to (open) standards, are current in today's IT market and can for convenience be classified into two branches.

Internet / Web application platform Through the wide acceptance of the Internet browser / server architecture and the standardisation over the past years within, it has now evolved into a serious and very rapidly growing application platform. For this segment we develop HTML5 applications, where on the Internet server the PHP scripting-language is used for building OO-classes that are combined with (My)SQL databases. Obviously comprehensive knowledge of Apache and IIS has also been accumulated. Furthermore we apply Javascript for the enhancement of the user interface. Our qsc_xml product line, and this Web site too, are based on these components.

  • XML
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Web APIs
  • (My)SQL databases
  • MariaDB
  • ODBC
  • Apache
  • IIS
  • FreeBSD

Progress client / server platform Over 34 years of experience in software development for the more traditional client/server architecture. For this we deploy Progress OpenEdge tools. These comprise the 4GL programming language, the RDBMS, the Smart-Objects and Report-builder. Our experience with Progress ranges from the fairly early V6 CUI to the latest V11 GUI en CUI environments. On this platform our qsc_c/s product line is run.

  • Progress OpenEdge:
  • 4GL & RDBMS
  • Smart-Objects
  • Report-Builder